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Playlist 1: Videos on YHWH, the Creator's Name

Why a video series on the Tetragrammaton?

In biblical thinking, name equals authority and fame. By obscuring the Creator’s name (spelled ‘Yod-Hey-Waw-Hey’ in Hebrew), Satan attempts to interfere with the Creator’s authority and his fame...

In this video series we discuss some of the many interesting differences between the Hebrew and Greek versions of Revelation.

We also study linguistic evidence showing that this Hebrew manuscript is authentic, and preserves the Original Hebrew text of Revelation.

Playlist 2: Videos on the Hebrew Revelation

Hebrew / English recordings of  Revelation 

Hebrew reading of Revelation 1
English reading of Revelation 1
Hebrew Reading of Revelation 2

Listen to the Hebrew Revelation in modern Hebrew pronunciation, or in English translation. 

The audio recordings are also available with accompanying text in video format.