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Playlist 1: Videos on YHWH, the Creator's Name

Dr. Nehemia Gordon - Hayah, Hoveh, Yihyeh = Yehovah?
Did Nehemia Gordon discover the 'real' name of God Yehovah?
Ketiv Qere - Nehemia Gordon - Adonai's vowels - Vowels of Adonai - False vowels on the Name - Dummy vowels on the Name YHWH

Why a video series on the Tetragrammaton?

In biblical thinking, name equals authority and fame. By obscuring the Creator’s name (spelled ‘Yod-Hey-Waw-Hey’ in Hebrew), Satan attempts to interfere with the Creator’s authority and his fame...

Hebrew manuscripts of Revelation - Hebrew insights from Revelation - Tree of life on both sides of river - Is the tree of life practical?
Who is the morning star? Yeshua (Jesus) or Satan?
Direct quotes from the Old Testament in the Hebrew Revelation

In this video series we discuss some of the many interesting differences between the Hebrew and Greek versions of Revelation.

We also study linguistic evidence showing that this Hebrew manuscript is authentic, and preserves the Original Hebrew text of Revelation.

Playlist 2: Videos on the Hebrew Revelation

Playlist 3: Short Topical Snippets

Why Embalm Yeshua's Body Twice__
Jude verse 5_ Jesus, Lord or God_
Was Yeshua Really Unable to Do Miracles __

Short Snippets of Amazing Insights from the Hebrew Gospels, Revelation, James and Jude. 

Hebrew / English recordings

Hebrew reading of Revelation 1
English reading of Revelation 1

Listen to recordings of the Hebrew New Testament in modern Hebrew pronunciation, or in English translation. The audio recordings are also available with accompanying text in video format.

Hebrew Gospel manuscripts, Hebrew NT manuscripts, Hebrew new testament update

Hebrew NT Manuscript Update

Discover multiple authentic Hebrew manuscripts of the New Testament from various locations across the world!

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Discover the
from Sepharad

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