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1. Is YHWH an abbreviation of 'Hayah, Hoveh, Yihyeh'?

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Many scholars have pointed out that the pronunciation 'Yehovah' for the Creator's Hebrew Name יהוה is grammatically impossible in Hebrew.

Nehemia Gordon offers a very attractive 'explanation.' He claims that the Name יהוה is a combination of three Hebrew words: 'Hayah,' 'Hoveh' and 'Yihyeh.' When combined these three verbs supposedly make 'Yehovah.'

So, if Nehemia's claims about the etymology of 'Yehovah' is correct, it would make 'Yehovah' a grammatically possible Name. However, if Nehemia's claims are untrue, it would simply reconfirm that the pronunciation 'Yehovah' is incorrect.

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