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Hebrew New Testament Manuscripts Update -
Refuting Objections to the Vatican Ebr. 100 Manuscript!

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When we began to translate the Hebrew Gospels in 2018, we knew of only one authentic Hebrew New Testament (N.T.) manuscript, namely Vatican Ebr. 100 which contains the four Gospels.

Have you also been wondering if other truly authentic Hebrew manuscripts of the New Testament will be found?

We are thankful to YHWH and excited to share with you the identification of multiple authentic Hebrew manuscripts of the Hebrew Gospels and other N.T. books from various locations across the world!

Sceptics of the Hebrew Gospels from Sepharad have often criticized the Vatican Ebr. 100 Manuscript, especially because it was only one isolated copy. Some have even claimed that this single manuscript is a forgery created by the Vatican Library to cause deception.

In this video we refute the above skeptical claims based on both internal and external evidence in multiple manuscripts of the Hebrew Gospels, and prove that the Hebrew Gospels did not originate as a forgery in the Vatican Library.

The newly identified manuscripts of the Hebrew Gospels also confirm the important differences that exist between the Vatican manuscript and the Greek manuscripts. These differences even solve important problems in the Greek text, e.g.,


· Why would the women bring ointment three days after Nicodemus had already embalmed Yeshua’s body?


· Did Yeshua speak Aramaic or Hebrew on the cross?


· Was Yeshua unable to do miracles because of unbelief?


Watch this video to learn the solutions to the above contradictions in the Greek text!

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