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Vowel pointed Hebrew transcript and revised English translation is now available for download!

Yehudah - The Hebrew Epistle of Jude (Hebrew New Testament manuscripts)

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Download Revelation + James + Jude  (high resolution)

Jude - Transcribed from C.U.L. Ms. Oo.1.32, fol. 160a. Spellings standardized - more information here

Can we learn anything from the Hebrew Epistle of Jude?
Most certainly! In the introductory sections to the translation, we discuss a number of interesting differences in the Hebrew version:​

  • Which has more keyword repetition, the Hebrew or Greek version of Jude?

  • Jude v. 4 - Is there an 'Original Greek' version of the Epistle of Jude?

  • Jude v. 24-25 - Did the Greek translators add words or phrases to the Epistle of Jude? ​


Download the translation to find out!

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