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2023/07/14 – Big news for small screens!

It is with much excitement and thanksgiving to Elohim that we can share the good news... the first release of the Hebrew Gospels App is now live on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Follow link below for direct links to the installation pages.

For those who have not heard yet: In the past, various people have suggested that we consider making a mobile app - so that the translations may be easily read while on the go, plus to be able to quote and share scriptures with others.

It turned out that a brother in Yeshua (from Canada) was led by Elohim to develop a professional mobile app for the Hebrew Gospels - for free! We are so thankful to Yahweh for His goodness!!

This first release also includes a Hebrew section with all the transcripts that have been completed.

Please pray with us that this App will be used by Yahweh as a great blessing to a myriad of individuals, especially to help turn hearts back to their Creator and Messiah, Yeshua...

Thanks again to our brother in Yeshua for this generous gift!

Much Shalom in Yeshua Mashiach, the Van Rensburg Family

2023/06/24 – Short Video Added!

The most frequent name in the Bible?

We are excited to let you know that we have compiled a short video which explains the importance of the Creator's name, YHWH:

Take a guess: What is the most frequent name in the Hebrew Bible?

Many people are not even aware of the most commonly used name in the Hebrew Bible. The names of idols are preserved in most English Bibles, but not the Creator's name! People think it makes no difference, but is that really true?

We hope that this short video will help you to grasp the importance of the name YHWH and encourage you to share this truth with family and friends.

2023/06/08 – Video Released!

8. Does Yeshua have a tattoo on His thigh??

Did you know that some pastors teach that tattoos are not sinful They argue that even Yeshua has a tattoo, based on Revelation 19:16!

Even worse, some scholars, in their commentaries on the Greek Text of Revelation 19:16, have further likened Yeshua to pagan Greek statues!

Watch video 8 on the Hebrew Revelation to learn the truth about tattoos, the Torah, Yeshua, and the Book of Revelation!

2023/05/10 – Exciting news from France and Hungary!

We are grateful to Yahweh that the news of the Hebrew Gospels is spreading... Today we are excited to share with you, the progress in France and Hungary!

News from France:

French translations of Matthew, Mark and John are now available!

We pray that Yahweh will use this mightily to bring many people in France back to the true and original meaning of faith in Yeshua, also in other countries where the French language is spoken. Please visit editions-sh' for more information about the Hebrew Gospels in French!

News from Hungary:

In Hungary, thousands of people are being reached by a local Hungarian fellow believer! We encourage you to visit the Hungarian TikTok channel which has been very blessed so far. The most popular topics are: 1. The Name Yahweh - its usage and meaning in the Bible; 2. Armaggedon or Har Meggido? 3. The Talmud confirms a unique occurrence of HaShem (YHWH) in the Hebrew Gospels; 4. The Name Yeshua vs. Jesus. We are grateful to Yahweh that the truth is spreading!

Please join us in prayer for these and other people across the world, to translate and spread the truth!

Yeshayah (Isaiah) 6:3 "And the one called out to the other and said: 'Qadosh, Qadosh, Qadosh is Yahweh Tseva'ot! The whole earth is full of His honor!'"

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