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New! The Hebrew Gospels Mobile App is now available!

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Read the Hebrew Gospels and
other NT books in English,
French or original Hebrew!​​

These translations from are based on multiple authentic Hebrew manuscripts from the ‘Sephardic’ tradition. They are full of insights into the original meaning of Yeshua’s life and teaching. The Hebrew Revelation, James and Jude are just as valuable in clearing contradictions and confusion in the Greek New Testament.

  • No in-app ads. No in-app sales. 100% free!

  • Easy to use with book & chapter selector.

  • Copy & paste or share any verse from your phone!

  • Includes Hebrew, English and French texts.

  • Easily compare the Hebrew text vs. English translation.

  • Translations can be downloaded and used offline.

  • Adjustable font size and styles - zoom as large as you need!

  • Light and dark mode available.

  • Includes valuable footnotes.

  • Hebrew names and spellings are standardized.

Scan QR code or copy link below:

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