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For the first time in 5 centuries, we present an English translation of an authentic

Hebrew Gospel of Mark, together with actual manuscript evidence

for the Hebrew origin of the Gospel of Mark!


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Hebrew Gospel of Mark (Hebrew Gospels manuscripts and English Translation)

Mark - transcribed from Vat. Ebr. 100, fol. 47v. Spellings standardized - more information here

View Manuscripts - Mark

Can we learn anything from this Hebrew Gospel of Mark? Absolutely!


In the introduction to the translation, we discuss the following topics:

  • Mark 1:1 – Is this “The beginning of the Gospel”?? Was there no Gospel in Old Testament times??


  • Mark 15:34 – Did Yeshua speak Aramaic or Hebrew on the cross??


  • Mark 9:20 – Was the Gospel of Mark originally written in Greek or Hebrew??


  • Mark 6:5 – Was Yeshua “unable to do wonders”??


Download the translation to find out!

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Discover the
from Sepharad

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