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The first ever complete English translation and Hebrew transcript of an authentic Hebrew Revelation!

Sodot - The Hebrew Revelation (Hebrew New Testament manuscripts)
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Revelation - Transcribed from C.U.L. Ms. Oo.1.16, fol. 102r. Spellings standardized - more information here

Are there any insights to be gained from this Hebrew Revelation? Most definitely! In the introductory sections to the translation, we discuss a number of interesting findings:

  • Was Revelation originally written in Hebrew or Greek?

  • What is the Hebrew title for the Book of Revelation?

  • Will the day-night cycle cease on the new earth?


  • Is Yeshua the 'Alpha and Omega'?

  • Did the Greek translation add words and phrases to Revelation?

  • Are there mistranslations in the Greek version of Revelation?

  • Was YHWH translated as Theos?

Download the translation of this Hebrew Revelation to find out!

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