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Vowel pointed Hebrew transcript and revised English translation is now available for download!

Sodot - The Hebrew Revelation (Hebrew New Testament manuscripts)

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Download Revelation + James + Jude  (high resolution)

Revelation - Transcribed from C.U.L. Ms. Oo.1.16, fol. 102r. Spellings standardized - more information here

Major improvements in Version 2.2 include:


  • Vowel points were added to the Hebrew transcript!

  • The translation was thoroughly revised.

  • More explanatory footnotes were added.

  • Dozens of important indications of authenticity were added!

  • Amazing, unique agreements with the oldest Greek manuscripts!

  • More proof that the ancient Greek text of Revelation was indeed translated from Hebrew!

Are there any insights to be gained from this Hebrew Revelation? Most definitely! In the introductory sections to the translation, we discuss a number of interesting findings:

  • Was Revelation originally written in Hebrew or Greek?

  • What is the Hebrew title for the Book of Revelation?

  • Will the day-night cycle cease on the new earth?

  • Is Yeshua the 'Alpha and Omega'?

  • Are there added words and phrases in the Greek Revelation?

  • Are there mistranslations in the Greek version of Revelation?

  • Was the Creator's name translated into Greek as Theos?

Download the translation of this Hebrew Revelation to find out!

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