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אגרת יהודה - The Letter of Yehudah in Hebrew

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We hope you enjoy listening to this Hebrew recording of Yehudah. The pronunciation used is modern Hebrew (Except for the Name YHWH). However, the Hebrew text of Yehudah is neither a translation into modern Hebrew nor classical Hebrew.

Rather, the Hebrew text is based on manuscript Oo.1.32 from the Cambridge University Library. It preserves an authentic Hebrew version of Yehudah (Jude), in which the grammar and vocabulary are similar to Mishnaic Hebrew, but also share common characteristics with Biblical Hebrew. This is exactly what would be expected of the original Hebrew text of Jude, written by Yehudah in the 1st Century C.E.

For more information and further explanation of some peculiarities in the Hebrew Text, please download the full PDF with footnotes and evidence of authenticity at

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