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3 . The Hebrew Revelation - Direct Quotes from the Old Testament!

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Have you ever wondered why quotes from the Old Testament (O.T.) don’t always sound the same in the New Testament (N.T.)? Why are differences in vocabulary or word order so common?

The reason is that all mainstream translations of the N.T. are based on the Greek version. Each quote in the Greek N.T. is a translation from the original Hebrew into Greek, and therefore these quotes contain changes and interpretation. These interpreted Greek quotes were again translated into English, and can thus deviate much from the original text of the O.T.

In the Hebrew Revelation, however, there are many quotes from the O.T. with the exact same vocabulary and word order as the original Hebrew O.T. text - thus preserving a perfect match!

Amazingly, the Hebrew Revelation also contains direct quotes from the O.T. which cannot be seen in the Greek version at all! Some of these quotes can greatly change the meaning of the prophecies given in Revelation, e.g., does Revelation 6:13 prove a “flat earth”??

Watch video 3 on the Hebrew Revelation and find out!

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