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Hardcover: The Hebrew Revelation, James and Jude (Available Internationally)

Hebrew Revelation, James and Jude (Hardcover)
$26 US
Shipping $5-$13
This page is for ordering the hardcover edition. You can also order  softcover copies here.

In the year 1806, Buchanan found two Hebrew New Testament manuscripts in a Jewish Synagogue in Cochin, India. Now, after more than 200 years, we offer a complete English translation and Hebrew transcript of the Hebrew Revelation, James and Jude contained in these Hebrew manuscripts!


This new edition (Version 2.2) is a complete revision of our first edition which was only released in PDF. Major improvements in Version 2.2 include:

  • Vowel points were added to the Hebrew transcript!

  • The translation was thoroughly revised.

  • More explanatory footnotes were added.

  • Dozens of important indications of authenticity were added!

  • Amazing, unique agreements with the oldest Greek manuscripts!

  • More proof that the ancient Greek text of Revelation was indeed translated from Hebrew!

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Finally! Revelation, James, and Jude in their original language!

- Cory Stark

"The Hebrew Revelation, James, and Jude" is a groundbreaking exploration that sheds new light on some of the Bible's most enigmatic texts. As a Bible teacher who has long suspected the Hebrew origins of the Book of Revelation, I found this work to be a life-giving confirmation that has bolstered my ability to teach the text with greater accuracy and confidence...

Thank you, Van Rensburg Family! May Yahweh continue to bless you all and lead you deeper into His marvelous light!

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