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Discover the Hebrew Book of Revelation!

  • 350 pages, packed with information!
  • Complete English translation from Hebrew.
  • Vowel-pointed Hebrew transcript for easy study.
  • Bonus: includes the same for James and Jude!
  • Based on Hebrew manuscripts discovered in India.
  • Extensive evidence of authenticity, including unique agreements with the most ancient Greek manuscripts.
  • Can we learn anything from the Hebrew Revelation? Absolutely! Consider the following intriguing questions:
  • Was Revelation originally written in Hebrew or Greek?
  • What is the Hebrew title for the Book of Revelation?
  • Is Yeshua (Jesus) the 'Alpha and Omega'?
  • Are there added words and phrases in the Greek Revelation?
  • Are there mistranslations in the Greek Revelation?
  • How can the 'tree of life' grow on both sides of the river?
  • Was the Creator's name translated into Greek as Theos?
  • Do these Hebrew manuscripts quote from the Old Testament more than the Greek version?

Read this book to find the answers to the above questions, based on clear evidence from Hebrew manuscripts!

Hardcover: The Hebrew Revelation, James and Jude (Available Internationally)

  • This page is for ordering the hardcover edition. You can also order  softcover copies here.

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