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6. Eight proofs from the Masoretic Text that Adonai's vowels were placed on YHWH (Part A)

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Nehemia Gordon claims that in the “B-52 Bomber” manuscript, “…the very prepositions… prove definitively” that the Name is 'Yehovah'!!

All Hebrew scholars know that the vowel pointing of prepositions gives definitive evidence with regards to the vowels that were placed on the Name YHWH.

The only question is, “What do the prepositions prove definitively?” Do they show that the Name is 'Yehovah' or do they rather prove that the vowels of Adonai were placed on the Name?

In Video 6, Justin Van Rensburg shows that the prepositions prove definitively that the vowels on the Name are those of Adonai – not only in the most accurate Hebrew manuscripts, but even in the “B 52 Bomber”!!

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