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12. The true Pronunciation of the Creator's Name based on the Masoretic Text (Part A)

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The correct pronunciation of יהוה is a very important topic.

First of all, we need to understand that the Masoretic scribes never wrote the true vowels on the full Name יהוה. Instead, they placed the vowels of Adonai and Elohim on the Name יהוה and this resulted in the two gibberish 'names' Yehovih and Yehovah.

At this point many people feel hopeless and think we will never know the true Name. Some study Greek transliterations, some investigate Samaritan sources, and others think the answer can be found amongst Akkadian, Ethiopic, or Egyptian sources.

However, what most people don't realize is that the answer to the correct pronunciation of the Name is not found in some foreign language, or mystic document. Instead, it may be gleaned from the official Hebrew Bible, the Masoretic Text! Not by looking at the dummy vowels on the full Name יהוה, but rather by studying the shortened forms Yah, Yahu and Yeho, which have their genuine vowels, preserved by the Masoretes (and not replaced by Ketiv Qere).

How do we know that these shortened forms have their true vowels on them? How do we know that they are really shortened forms of the true Name?

Together with the shortened forms, we also need to understand the Hebrew root word from which the Name יהוה is formed.

Once we understand the above issues, we can start using the shortened forms plus Hebrew grammar to reclaim the original pronunciation of the Name יהוה.

E.g. does the short form Yah indicate the first vowel in the full Name יהוה?

Watch video 12 to find out!

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