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11. Did the Hebrew Vowel Points Originate from Moses?

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Are the Hebrew vowel points part of the inspired text?

This is a very important question with many implications! Nehemia Gordon's claims about the Creator's name being 'Yehovah' are based on the assumption that the Hebrew vowel points are original, rather than traditional.

As explained in video 3, the Name YHWH is by tradition read as 'Adonai,' and thus, if the Hebrew vowel points capture the traditional reading, the vowels on the Name YHWH are those of 'Adonai' and not the true nor original vowels of the Name YHWH.

In Video 11, Justin Van Rensburg shows clear and factual evidence that the Hebrew vowel points are not part of the inspired text. They did not originate from Moses or Ezra, nor did they exist in the 1st century when Yeshua Mashiach came to earth.

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