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7. Censer or Altar? - Confusion in the Greek Revelation!

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Have you ever noticed that most Bible translations have a clear contradiction in Revelation chapter 8:3-4? It seems that the Greek translator(s) might not have realized that there is a difference between a censer and an altar!

Likewise, most people today don’t even notice this contradiction - probably because they have never done an in-depth study of the Old Testament (Tanach) tabernacle service.

But wait! What does Moses’ tabernacle in the Old Testament have to do with the heavenly tabernacle mentioned in the New Testament? Surprisingly, the Bible teaches in both the Old and the New Testament that Moses’ tabernacle is an exact copy of the heavenly tabernacle!

Thus, we can learn much about the heavenly tabernacle and what really happens in heaven, if we simply study the Old Testament tabernacle! The Old Testament also confirms that a censer and an altar are two different objects.

Amazingly, the Hebrew version of Revelation provides a unique solution to the censer vs. altar confusion in Revelation chapter 8! Watch video 7 on the Hebrew Revelation to find out what the solution is!

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