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5. Linguistic mistranslation in the Greek Revelation!

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The Hebrew and Greek versions of Revelation contain some very important differences. As we have seen in previous videos in this series, the Hebrew version often matches the Old Testament better than the Greek Revelation, and even solves important contradictions, like both Satan and Yeshua supposedly being the "morning star."

However, most scholars, pastors, and Bible teachers don't even bother to pursue the Hebrew origins of Revelation. They have already been persuaded that the entire New Testament was originally written in Greek.

In this video, however, clear linguistic evidence will be shown that the Hebrew version of Revelation as preserved in the Oo.1.16 manuscript is in fact the original. It turns out that the Greek version is merely a translation, just like the Greek Septuagint is only a translation of the Hebrew Old Testament (O.T.).

This might come as a surprise to some, but scholars are well aware of many imperfections in the Greek Septuagint. The translation process caused numerous additions, alterations and even mistranslations, deviating from the original Hebrew text.

Watch video 5 in this series to see examples where the Greek version of Revelation has the same types of mistranslation errors that are found in the Septuagint Greek O.T.!

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