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13. The true pronunciation of the Creator's name
based on the Masoretic Text (Part B)


The true pronunciation explained!

There is so much confusion about the true pronunciation of the Creator's name יהוה. Many people feel hopeless and think we will never know the true Name. However, in Part A of this study (Video 12) it was proven that the shortened forms of the Name and especially 'Yahu', have their genuine vowels, preserved by the Masoretes (and not replaced by Ketiv Qere).

This contraction 'Yahu' has been used since before the first temple period in names such as NetanYahu, YirmeYahu, BenaYahu, etc. The good news is, if we understand Biblical Hebrew grammar and the direct contraction 'Yahu', there is no uncertainty about any part of the full Name יהוה!

In this video we also evaluate the claims of Nehemia Gordon, who teaches that the Qamets ('a') in Yah becomes a Shewa ('e') in the 'name' Yehovah. To support this claim, Nehemia Gordon quotes Rabbi Shadal (Samuel David Luzzato), who taught that the Name יהוה is a combination of  Yah + Hovah (destruction)!

Apart from refuting these and other false claims about the Name יהוה,  the correct pronunciation of the Name is explained, one step and one vowel at a time, using solid evidence from the Hebrew Bible alone. No pagan sources. No Kabbalah nonsense. No Greek or Latin sources. Just the authentic contraction 'Yahu' + Hebrew grammar as found in the Masoretic Text.

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