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from Sepharad

We are excited to share with you the first ever English translation
of an authentic Hebrew manuscript of John!
(continued below...)


John - transcribed from Vat. Ebr. 100, fol. 117v

Can we learn anything from this Hebrew Gospel of John? Absolutely!

In the introduction to the translation, we discuss the following topics:


  • John 1:1 – Does the Gospel of John describe Yeshua as the Word or the Son?


  • John 1:11-12 – Does the Gospel of John teach replacement theology?


  • John 1:14 – Was the Gospel of John originally written to the Jews or the Gentiles? 


  • John 1:14 – Is Yeshua Elohim, based on the Hebrew Gospel of John?


  • John 11:2 – Was the Gospel of John originally written in Greek or Hebrew?


  • John 19:39-40 – Why would the women come back to anoint Yeshua's body three days after Nicodemus had already done that!?

Download the translation to find out!

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