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Help Translate Video Subtitles and Bible Books

International Translation Project:

Dear Fellow believer in Yeshua, the Messiah,

We are working on a project to translate the video subtitles and Bible translation into various international languages. We have been blessed by eager translators in several languages, but every language could do with several translators. Translations need to be checked and re-checked by various people before release. The current translators generally work only on translating Bible books, or only video subtitles.

E.g. in Spanish a brother from Pureo Rico is translating the video subtitles for the YHWH series. In Hungary someone is translating the Gospels, etc. 

However, before we start working together, we just need to make sure that we share the same basic beliefs. We do not cooperate with people who deny Yehsua as the Messiah, nor with Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. We do not allow the pronunciation 'Yehovah' to be used in our translations, for the reasons outlined in our video series on the Name. It is also essential that you are fluent both in English as well as the language you want to translate into. It would be ideal if you also know Biblical Hebrew, but this is not required.


If you feel lead by YHWH to help with translations into any language, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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