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1. Can you recall the 6 languages?

1. The six languages are: Hebrew, Korean, Russian, Persian, Arabic and English.

2. The common language is Hebrew! 'Hallelujah' and 'Amen' are Hebrew words that are used universally.

3. The greatest majority, if not all of the New Testament authors were Hebrew speaking believers in the promised Messiah of the Old Testament. (By the way, Jesus was not a Christian!)

4. This song is profound, as it gives the Creator's solution to the brokenness of this world - love and forgiveness through his Son, which are indescribably beautiful.


Start communicating with your Creator, Yahweh [Jer. 29:12,13; Isa. 55:6]. Turn to Him [Joel 2:12,13] and draw near to His presence via His mediator (His Son), whose Hebrew name is Yeshua [John 14:6]. Acknowledge that you have missed the mark [Rom. 3:23] and have insulted your Creator - which will result in the 'second death' (eternal punishment) [Mat. 25:45; 2Th. 1:9]. Then clear matters up by asking Him to forgive you [Isa. 55:7] through His Son, who died in your place [1Jn. 4:10; Rom. 5:8] to free you from the second death [Rev. 20:6]. Make an agreement to serve Yahweh for the rest of your life [Josh. 24:15; Psa. 86:11; Deu. 10:12,13]. Be filled with His Spirit [Act. 13:52; Eph. 5:18]. Study His word, the Bible, and implement it [Ps. 119:67; James 1:22; 1Jn. 2:5]. Keep His commandments [1Jn. 5:3; Rev. 14:12; Luke 11:28]. Pray always and seek His guidance [Luke 18:1; Prov. 3:5-6].

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