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Top 10 Reasons why the Creator's Name is not 'Yehovah'!

1. The Masoretic scribes meticulously captured 8 clear technical proofs in their Hebrew Bible manuscripts, proving that the vowels ‘Shᵉwa Cholem Qamets,’ on the Name are the vowels of Adonai.  Together, these 8 proofs occur more than 1100 times in the Hebrew Old Testament.  – See vide6 and video 7
2. Most people who insist that the Name is ‘Yehovah’ do so based on the erroneous assertion that Nehemia Gordon is a trustworthy, honest Karaite Jew who teaches the truth. – See video 8, see also video 1
3. The pronunciation ‘Yehovah’ has no Hebrew grammatical explanation. Nehemia Gordon, who is repeatedly portrayed as a “Hebrew scholar” is so desperate to explain the etymology of ‘Yehovah’ that he reads and writes Hebrew in the wrong direction! – See video 1
4. The pronunciation ‘Yehovah’ never was a secret. Nehemia Gordon did not discover this pronunciation, nor the ‘missing vowel’ on the Name, so there is nothing to be excited about. – See video 2
5. Contrary to the claims of Nehemia Gordon, the missing ‘Cholem’ on the Name just confirms that dummy vowels were placed on the name, both in the standard Masoretic manuscripts as well as the Aleppo Codex. For example, in the Aleppo Codex the ‘Cholem’ is usually missing on Adonai, and thus the missing ‘Cholem’ just confirms that Adonai’s vowels were placed on the Name יהוה. – See video 5
6. The “10 Rabbis” (actually 16) whom Nehemia Gordon quotes in an attempt to prove that ‘Yehovah’ is the original Name, followed the kabbalistic ‘bible’ called the Zohar (a fraudulent, blasphemous, occult book) – or a tradition based on this book. This tradition holds to multiple erroneous sacred names, and does not give the original pronunciation. Some of these Rabbis even articulate that the vowels of Adonai were placed on the Name.  – See video 9 and video 10
7. It is common knowledge that the Name יהוה was read (pronounced) as Adonai and Elohim. In such ‘ketiv-qere’ situations the scribes never put the original vowels on the word in question. The Masoretic scribes always pointed the Name with the dummy vowels intended to be read (either from Adonai or Elohim) which, if ignorantly read with the consonants, would yield the two gibberish names “Yehovah” and “Yehovih” – not one original name. – See video 3 and also video 4
8. Contrary to the claims of Nehemia Gordon, the best Hebrew Bible manuscripts prove that the vowel points ‘Shᵉwa Cholem Qamets’ are the grammatically correct vowels to be placed on the Name for reading “Adonai” instead of the Name itself!  – See video 4
9. Nehemia Gordon convinces his unwitting followers of thousands of authentic Hebrew Bible manuscripts that supposedly prove in ‘black and white’ that Yehovah is the original, Hebrew pronunciation of the Name. However, he has not shown even one Hebrew Bible manuscript in which the Masoretic scribes indicated with their grammar and pointings that the original Name is ‘Yehovah.’ This also being the case for Nehemia’s “B52 Bomber” manuscript.  – See video 6 and video 7
10. Nehemia Gordon’s supposed vowel rhyme of “Yahavah, Ahavah, and Yehovah” in John chapter 17 is completely fabricated and does not exist!  – See video 8
For an in-depth explanation and evidence for the above claims, please see:
Shalom in Yeshua Mashiach,
The Van Rensburg family

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