Videos on the Hebrew Revelation:

Worldwide, most pastors and scholars teach and believe that the entire New Testament, including Revelation, was originally written in the Greek language.

However, in this video we show convincing linguistic evidence for the Hebrew origin of  Revelation.

1. The Hebrew Revelation - An Authentic Hebrew Manuscript!

This authentic Hebrew manuscript helps to solve many questions and contradictions in the Greek version of Revelation, e.g.:

How can Satan be called the 'Morning Star' in the Old Testament, while the New Testament refers to Yeshua as the 'Morning Star'?

2. The Hebrew Revelation - Who is the 'Morning Star'?
Yeshua (Jesus) or Ha-Satan??

Have you ever wondered why quotes from the Old Testament (O.T.) don’t always sound the same in the New Testament (N.T.)? Why are differences in vocabulary or word order so common?

In the Hebrew Revelation, however, there are many quotes from the O.T. with the exact same vocabulary and word order as the original Hebrew O.T. text - thus preserving a perfect match!

3 . The Hebrew Revelation - Direct Quotes from the Old Testament!

The puzzling problem is that the Greek Revelation contains several verses which clearly contradict the Tanach, and seem to confirm the idea that YHWH is not king right now, and that He will only begin to reign in future. 

If YHWH will only become the king when He overcomes Satan one day in future, it clearly implies that in the meantime, Satan is king.

So, who is king right now, YHWH or Satan? Watch video 4 on the Hebrew Revelation to find the answer to this question!

4. Who is king right now? YHWH or Satan?

The Hebrew and Greek versions of Revelation contain some very important differences.  However, most scholars, pastors, and Bible teachers don't even bother to pursue the Hebrew origins of Revelation. They have already been persuaded that the entire New Testament was originally written in Greek.

 In this video, however, clear linguistic evidence will be shown that the Hebrew version of Revelation as preserved in the Oo.1.16 manuscript is in fact the original. 

We will see examples where the Greek version of Revelation has the same types of mistranslation errors that are found in the Septuagint Greek O.T.!

5. Linguistic mistranslation in the Greek Revelation!

More to follow!