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4. Would Scribes change a Composite Shewa

into a Simple Shewa for Ketiv-Qere Perpetuum?


Nehemia Gordon says: "Don't believe the nonsensical claim that the vowels of Yehovah ( יְהוָֹה ) are the same as the vowels of Adonai ( אֲדֹנָי ) !" 


He says this because the first vowel of Adonai (a composite Shewa) is not identical to the first vowel on the Name (a simple Shewa). He asserts: "So, the argument that they had to put in different vowels, as if this is a “Kri-ketiv” or a “Kri-perpetuum,” that's utter nonsense. That's complete nonsense..."


In Video 4, Justin Van Rensburg investigates this "utter nonsense." He presents undeniable evidence from the best Hebrew manuscripts that clearly prove that the scribes of the Masoretic text did change a composite Shewa to a simple Shewa when they put the dummy vowels of Adonai on the Name יהוה.

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