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Revelation - Translation and  Videos
The first ever complete English translation and Hebrew transcript of an authentic Hebrew Revelation!

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Download Revelation + James + Jude  (high resolution)

Revelation - Transcribed from C.U.L. Ms. Oo.1.16, fol. 102r.

Are there any insights to be gained from this Hebrew Revelation? Most definitely! In the introductory sections to the translation, we discuss a number of interesting findings:

  • Was Revelation originally written in Hebrew or Greek?

  • What is the Hebrew title for the Book of Revelation?

  • Will the day-night cycle cease on the new earth?


  • Is Yeshua the 'Alpha and Omega'?

  • Did the Greek translation add words and phrases to Revelation?

  • Are there mistranslations in the Greek version of Revelation?

  • Was YHWH translated as Theos?

Download the translation of this Hebrew Revelation to find out!

1. The Hebrew Revelation - An Authentic Hebrew Manuscript!

Worldwide, most pastors and scholars teach and believe that the entire New Testament, including Revelation, was originally written in the Greek language.

However, in this video we show convincing linguistic evidence for the Hebrew origin of  Revelation.

The common objection - that the oldest Greek manuscripts supposedly preserve the most authentic text of the Bible - is also addressed.
Furthermore, it is shown that a complete authentic Hebrew manuscript of Revelation does exist! This authentic manuscript also helps to solve many questions and contradictions in the Greek version of Revelation, e.g. "How can the tree of life be on both sides of the river??"

Video 1

2. The Hebrew Revelation - Who is the 'Morning Star'?
Yeshua (Jesus) or Ha-Satan??

This authentic Hebrew manuscript helps to solve many questions and contradictions in the Greek version of Revelation, e.g.:

How can Satan be called the 'Morning Star' in the Old Testament, while the New Testament refers to Yeshua as the 'Morning Star'?

Is the King James Version the solution, seeing it uses the Latin term 'Lucifer' rather than 'Morning Star' in Isaiah chapter 14? Find out how the original Hebrew texts of the Old and New Testament completely solve this contradiction!

More to follow!

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